Jazz Theory for Classical

Musicians Winter 2024

Designed for Classical Musicians Who Wish to Learn the Essentials Of Jazz Theory

12-week course (July 10 – September 25, 2024)

Are you a classical musician who wishes to learn the essentials of jazz theory, understand and appreciate jazz musical styles and compositions, and apply basic jazz theory to improvisation?

Classical musicians often find jazz intimidating. If you've ever felt lost in jazz, wondering how to break free from classical constraints, you're not alone.

Imagine your classical expertise with the spontaneous energy of jazz. Picture yourself confidently navigating jazz melodies and understanding intricate jazz chords.

This dream can become a reality through our Jazz Theory for Classical Musicians Winter 2024 course.

Our 12-week journey from January to March 2024, tailor-made for classical musicians wanting to embrace jazz theory, explore diverse styles, and venture into exciting improvisation.

It's time to address the pain points you've been experiencing when teaching composition. I understand the challenges you face, and I'm here to provide you with effective solutions.

As a musician deeply passionate about classical and jazz, I understand the struggle of transitioning between the two worlds. That's why I've crafted this program – to help you seamlessly blend the richness of classical and the spontaneity of jazz.

I am Dr. Lai, and I'm passionate about music education. Being a composer and an educator for decades, I believe everyone has the right to learn music.


Meeting every Wednesday 9:00-10:30 p.m. HK Time

(Total of 18 hours)

Weeks 1-6: Elementary Level

The elementary level is for students who are knowledgeable about Classical music but have never played jazz and have not taken any jazz theory courses before.


Weeks 7-12: Intermediate Level

The intermediate level is for musicians who have some basic knowledge of jazz and have taken a jazz theory course before. 


* Students may take the full 12-week course or choose one of the two units, based on individual needs.

✔ Course materials and exercises are provided before each lesson for students to upload and print out for the lesson.    

✔ Besides lectures, each lesson would involve aural training and written exercises which help students better understand the music.      

✔ Small amount of homework assignments would be given.                    


Full 12-week Course:

6-Week Elementary Level or Intermediate Level:

Payment Method

Register by June 30, 2024, to get the 10% early bird discount!

why join now?

Now is the perfect moment to engage yourself in this transformative experience. Be ready to not only play jazz but to compose it. Elevate your composition skills, discover your unique voice, unleash creativity across genres, and embark on a musical journey that extends far beyond the notes on a page.

Register by June 30, 2024, to get the 10% early bird discount!