LMusTCL Prep Course

LMusTCL 6-Month Online Course for November 2024 Exam


String Quartet Writing

✔ Analysis/Theme & Variations/Orchestration 

(Choose one of the above three options)

✔ Prescribed Work: Purcell: Dido and Aeneas opera or

✔ Prescribed Work: Liszt: Piano Sonata in B minor

✔ Survey on Operas/Keyboard Music


Course Duration

✔ 24 weeks: May – October 2024

Zoom lesson every Tuesday 09 - 10 PM, HK time, beginning 14/05/2024.

Zoom lesson every Tuesday 10 - 11 PM, HK time, beginning 14/05/2024

Students may choose to attend either Session A or Session B. Students are required to attend weekly lessons to ensure progress. There will be no makeup lessons. Zoom lesson video would be available on request.

Office Hour for Tutorial

✔ Every Friday 09 - 10 PM, HK time, beginning 17/5/2024. (Cantonese)

✔ Every Friday 10 - 11 PM, HK time, beginning 17/5/2024. (English)

Students are encouraged to attend the tutorial session to discuss the course materials and assignments and are encouraged to support each other during the course.

Course materials, assignments and past papers from 2017 are provided.  Students only need to purchase the set work scores to bring to the exam. Additional reference materials are suggested based on the choice of set work.

Weekly written assignments are due 24 hours before the next lesson. Assignments are submitted in PDF files labeled under the student’s name and date. Feedback will be provided in the next lesson.

Payment Options: