Music for me is  no longer East or West, Classical or Jazz,  old or new. In my musical world, musical styles from different cultures and different times can co-exist and enhance each other in harmony. The following selections represent my eclectic approach to musical styles and languages, which incorporates contemporary Western Classical, Jazz and Chinese music in different ways.

Western Instrumental

Fanfare for brass trio (1987)

Ryan Anthony, 1st trumpet

Premiered at the Cleveland Institute of Music 

WCLV marathon broadcast, 1987.

A Lunatic's Monologue 《瘋人獨白》for flute, clarinet, percussion and piano (1984)

1st place, Western Composition category

1985 Hong Kong Young Musicians' Awards

Live at Hong Kong City Hall Theatre, March 24, 1985.

Images for piano solo (1989) 

(IV: "Night Poem")

Gloria Chuang, piano

RTHK Radio 4 Broadcast on February 10, 2011.

Different Times for clarinet and piano (1992, revised 2014)

(I. "For the Moment", II. "Once Upon A Time")

Melanie Richards, clarinet; Hector Garcia, piano

Recorded in Columbus, OH, June 2014.

Taiwanese Suite for piano trio (1998)

(II. "Moonlight Sorrow" ) 

《台灣組曲》鋼琴三重奏 (第二樂章「月夜愁」)

Elite Artists Trio: Formosa Impressions CD album


Archi Music Production, Released 2013. 

Presented at 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh, Scotland, August 2013; 2014 - 2015 North American Tour

Serenade for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, and piano (2009)

(Excerpt from Movement III) 

Laurel Ensemble, Musicarama 2009 Concert series 

Premiered Hong Kong City Hall Theatre, November 18, 2009

Presented at the International Rostrum of Composers 2010 

Lisbon, Portugal

Duet for alto flute and clarinet 《沙灘追逐》 (2013) 

Carmen Ma, alto flute; Leung Chi-Shing, clarinet

 “Creative Mission Possible” Advanced Music Composition Training Project Educational Talk cum Demonstration

Shatin Town Hall, July 2013

Vocal Solo

 The Past Cannot be Returned

Text: Richard Brautigan

from song cycle Songs of Pain and Innocence (1990)

Stephanie Tingler, soprano; Sheung-Ping Lai, piano

Premiered at Sheung-Ping Lai DMA Composition Recital

The Ohio State University, May 1990 

Star and Cloud 《星雲》 (2003)

Text: Venerable Master Hsing Yun

Bobo Lo, soprano; Chui-Man Ho, piano

Cultural & Choral Exchange Project with Nara University of Education, Evening Concert, Nara, Japan, February 15, 2014.


The Golden Gown《金縷衣》 (2014)

Text: Du Qiuniang

Ying Wa Primary School Choir

New Choral Settings of Tang Poems CD album 

HUGO Records, LPZD 1630, Released 2016

Night Thought 「夜思」from Six Tang Poems 《 唐詩六首》 (2015)

Text: Li Bai

A trilingual song cycle for SAB

Voices of the Valley, Stephanie Chan, conductor

Premiered at Annual VOV Concert 

CSMA Tateuchi Hall, Mountain View, CA, August 9, 2015.


Dreamscape for multi-track magnetic tape (1986)

Stephanie Tingler, soprano on tape

CIM Electronic Studio

Cleveland, OH

Chinese Instrumental

Moon River arrangement for Chinese plucked string ensemble

WUJI Ensemble 無極樂團:《淡淡阮幽情》CD album

HUGO Records, LPCD 1630-7317, Released 2011

Selected into HUGO 25th Anniversary Audiophile CD 16

LPCD 45II-7316, Released 2011

Jazz / Chinese Jazz Fusion

Snow Dancing from Winter Nocturnes CD album

Gary Billups, tenor sax; Tom Stephens, piano & guitar; Lou Laushe, bass; Frank Oddis, drums

Nine Lives Records, Released 2011

Never Too Late (1993)

William Malone, alto sax; Robert Taylor, piano

Live in Columbus, OH, 1999

Snow Dancing from Winter Nocturnes CD album

Gary Billups, tenor sax; Tom Stephens, piano & guitar; Lou Laushe, bass; Frank Oddis, drums

Nine Lives Records, Released 2011

Boundless Groove 《無極爵躍》

for Chinese plucked string ensemble and jazz combo (2019)

(Excerpt: 12-bar blues)

WUJI Ensemble X MO-MEN-T

Live at Kwai Tsing Theatre, June 9, 2019.

Somewhere Faraway Trilogy《在那遙遠的地方》 三部曲

We Gather Here Together/Somewhere Faraway for mixed choir (2009)

Theme song for International Choral Jazz Festival

Butler University Jordan Jazz, Beech Grove High School Sensations, HKIEd Vocal Jazz Ensemble, HKIEd Chorus, HK Children's Choir, participating Hong Kong school choirs

Tim Brimmer, conductor

2011 International Choral Jazz & Mass Musicking Festival: School Choirs Showcase, Tsuen Wan Town Hall, July 2011.

Somewhere Faraway 《在那遙遠的地方》 for jazz combo (2013)

Pentatonic Jazz Fusion Band Debut Concert

Abson Fung, guanzi; Hin-Chuen Siu, tenor sax; Barry Lee, piano; Ngao-Yuen Lui, bass; Dean Li, drums; Ivan Yeung; percussion

Live at Hong Kong Fringe Club, May 1, 2015.

Variations on Somewhere Faraway 《中國民謠變奏曲》

for flute, clarinet, piano and orchestra (2009)

Suki Cheuk, flute; Cherry Chong, clarinet; Winnie Kwok, piano; HKIEd Orchestra, Kelvin Ngai, conductor

Live at Tsuen Wan Town Hall, May 2016.