Are you a classical musician or aspiring composer feeling stuck with traditional music learning?

Do you dream of creating beautiful harmonies that go beyond the usual and capture the real spirit of the holidays?

Many musicians feel stuck with regular music lessons and wish they had the skills to create and arrange their favorite tunes for different occasions.

Do you want your musical creations come to life, where you can play holiday favorites on the keyboard, harmonize vocally with friends, or even produce your compositions on an iPad?

With our FREE 5-Day Masterclass, you can experience a holiday season filled with the joy of sharing your unique musical expressions with the world.

"Studying composition from Dr. Lai while I was in my grad school (2014-2016) was a life-changing learning experience.  She is passionate about teaching all the composition techniques and inspired me with the art of emotion and thought into musical works. I am eternally grateful for her support and my ultimate acceptance to the UCLA Film Scoring Program which granted me the opportunity to intern with Remote Control Production, a Hans Zimmer film music production. My horizon expanded to the professional standard of film music production. With Dr. Lai’s inspiration to professionally compose and sage career advice, I am a more determined person; able to work with different directors and use music as an expressive medium for the range of emotions one must experience in film."

Sally Kwok

Film Composer

Baltimore, MD

Dr. Sheung-Ping Lai, a composer with a DMA in Composition from The Ohio State University, invites you to join. Driven by a love for pushing musical limits, Dr. Lai created this program to help musicians like you explore new creative possibilities.

Over five days, dive into a world of musical exploration:

Rediscover the holiday spirit as you learn to compose, arrange, and showcase your musical ideas. Each part of the program is designed to guide you through a significant transformation in your musical journey.

"Dr. Lai is a responsible, intelligent, and passionate teacher. She is like a walking music library! I first met Dr. Lai as a student at EdUHK several years ago. She taught various music theory and composition courses including: Classical theory, Jazz theory, and Orchestration. Although there were around 30 students in a class, she collected and marked our assignments every week, then patiently explained the common errors we mostly made, for our improvement. This pedagogy remains unchanged even in the recent online individual lessons. The main difference is that she can now focus on my problems in depth and strengthen my skills more effectively, because the lesson planning is more personalized. Besides, online lesson solves the problem of geographical distance. We can find anytime favors us both to have lessons! How convenient!"

Cheris Ho

Music Educator

Hong Kong

The holiday season is the perfect time to start this musical journey.

Act now to join a community of passionate musicians, and let your compositions become the soundtrack to a season filled with love, peace, and joy.

This program is for you if you are a classical musician or beginner composer eager to expand your musical skills. It may only be suitable if you are open to pushing the boundaries of regular music.

"Before meeting Dr. Lai, in my music learning journey, there has yet to be anyone really talk much about women composers. No women composers were mentioned in music history class; no women composers' works were analyzed in theory class...They were not there…. Therefore, I have never thought of becoming a composer. However, I am so blessed to have met Dr Lai. Not every teacher is willing to give detailed feedback to the students, but Dr. Lai always spent effort and time teaching us. She inspires us with her cross-cultural experience and her approach to musical fusion. She is such a fantastic teacher who always motivates us. She believes in her student more than we believe in ourselves. I can't say how much we appreciate her. When my husband and I decided to study overseas, she supported us and provided additional comments and advice to prepare for our portfolio. We are blessed to have joined and completed our postgraduate study at the Royal College of Music, London. Thanks to Dr Lai's unlimited support. I wish everyone could come across someone like her during your musical journey."

Edward Lun

Composer and Musician

London, UK 

Gigi Lam


London, UK