Dr. Sheung-Ping Lai

International Composer and Educator

Dr. Sheung-Ping Lai received her D. M. A. in Composition from The Ohio State University, her M. M. in Composition from Cleveland Institute of Music, and her M. M. in Music Education (Jazz Pedagogy focus) from Capital University.

As a composer, her music covers various genres and styles, including Western and Chinese instrumental music, vocal music, electronic music, and theatrical music, incorporating Classical, Jazz, and Chinese musical elements, presenting a unique synthesis of the East and the West. As a music educator, Dr. Lai has substantial college teaching experience in the U. S. and Asia. She was an Assistant Professor at the Education University of Hong Kong, where she taught music composition, music theory, composition pedagogy, contemporary music, and jazz study. Since the COVID pandemic, she has been giving online lessons to students across the globe.


Dr. Lai's compositions and research outputs on music theory and contemporary music are interrelated and tied to culture and education. They have been published and presented at international festivals and conferences. Dr. Lai believes that cross-cultural music-making and education can enlighten souls, break cultural barriers, bring people closer together, and achieve global harmony. Let's work together to build a better future for mankind!