DR. Sheung-Ping Lai


I help mature musicians who wish to venture into music composition to unleash their creative potential and to freely express themselves without fear of failure.

Anyone Can Compose. It's Never Too Late to Start.

You are a musician and want to be a composer, but some issues are holding you back. You probably think that...

You did not compose because someone told you or you believe that...

You are not talented enough. Your music theory or technology background needs to be stronger, or you don't feel connected to the musical styles taught at the academic institutions. You want to write in a different style that represents you.

Now, you are afraid that...

What if I say: “You Can Do It!”

✔ Anyone can compose. If you can play music and you can tell a story, then you can compose.

✔ It is never too late to start. In fact, the older you get, the more stories you can tell.

✔ You can tell your story and express yourself freely through your music, which does not have to conform to any particular style.

Dr. Sheung-Ping Lai

International Composer and Educator

Being a composer and an educator for decades, I believe that everyone has the right to learn music and to learn how to express themselves through performing and composing music. I also believe that every musician has the right to explore different styles and to connect to their cultural root during the process of music making. After a lifelong struggle for creative freedom, I integrated different musical languages and found my own voice. I understand your struggle. If I can do it, so can you. This is where I can help you unleash your creative potential to find your voice. By skillfully manipulating various musical elements and exploring diverse musical styles and idioms, I will assist you in expressing your ideas and creating music that resonates with you. There will be no more stylistic barriers and fear of failure. You will take pride in your musical creations.

Celebrate creative freedom through music! Let your voice be heard!

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Advanced Music Theory

Designed to take your understanding of music to the next level. These courses build on the foundational concepts of music theory and explore more complex topics such as harmony, counterpoint, form, and analysis. Through in-depth study and analysis of music from a variety of genres and eras, you will gain a deeper understanding of the structure and inner workings of music. These programs are ideal for beginners looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in music theory.

Music Composition

Offers mature musicians the opportunity to unleash their creative expression through music without any limitations. The program covers a range of composition techniques, including traditional tonality, post-tonal writing, and cross-cultural styles, with activities and resources to help participants gain confidence in their unique sound. These programs are designed for mature musicians who wish to venture into music composition and find their own voice.

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