Composition Pedagogy

Enhancement Online Course

Designed for Primary and Secondary School Music Teachers

(Autumn Semester Schedule: September – December 2023)

Are you a music teacher looking to take your composition skills to the next level?

Do you find yourself facing challenges when teaching music composition to your students?

Picture this- you confidently guide your students in creating beautiful melodies and harmonies. Envision your students thriving in their musical endeavors, composing pieces that inspire and captivate their audience.

You can realize this dream with our Composition Pedagogy Enhancement Online Course.

The Composition Pedagogy Enhancement

Online Course is designed for primary and secondary school music teachers like you...

It's time to address the pain points you've been experiencing when teaching composition. I understand the challenges you face, and I'm here to provide you with effective solutions.

I am Dr. Lai, and I'm passionate about music education. Being a composer and an educator for decades, I believe everyone has the right to learn music and how to express themselves through composing music. 

I've witnessed firsthand the struggles teachers like you encounter when teaching composition. I've created this program – to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to excel in teaching music composition.


Review of Music Theory and Concepts of Composition

We'll revisit essential music theory concepts, ensuring you have a solid foundation.

Application of Composition Techniques

Learn how to apply composition techniques to your musical creations.

Consultation and Assessment

Receive guidance on lesson plans, teaching materials, and student work assessment related to composition.

Interactive Group Discussions

Engage, collaborate, and explore ideas together in dynamic and participatory discussions.

The course will start on September 9, 2023!

Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. (Hong Kong time)

Once you register, you'll get to join:

✔ Two Zoom sessions per month, each spanning 2 hours.

That's a total of 16 immersive hours!

Registration deadline: September 5!

Act fast and register today!

Here's What You'll GET

After the Course, You Will...

Elevate your composition skills through expert coaching.

✔ Strengthen your pedagogical approaches for music composition through case evaluations and creative problem-solving.

why join now?

The time to transform your teaching approach is now. Music composition is an integral part of a student's musical education, and by enhancing your skills, you'll enrich the lives of your students. Don't wait to make a difference – start your journey with us on September 9, 2023.

This program is for you if…

✔ You're a passionate music teacher eager to improve your composition teaching skills.

✔ You want to inspire your students to become confident composers.

✔ You're ready to invest in your professional growth and make a lasting impact.

Don't Miss Out on This Opportunity to Elevate Your Teaching!

Take a moment and imagine the positive changes you can bring to your classroom and your students' lives with enhanced composition pedagogy. Join us on this journey of musical growth and transformation.

Registration deadline: September 5!

Act fast and register today!